Carrs, KY Map of DSL Internet Availability

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Unfortunately, there is currently no DSL service in Carrs. We recommend checking out Carrs satellite instead. 100%% of Carrs residents can get satellitefrom several options providers in the city. See the list of providers below.

TechnologyAvailabilityNumber of providersAvg. SpeedLink
Fiber TV & Internet0%00 MbpsCarrs, KY Fiber
Cable TV & Internet0%00 MbpsCarrs, KY Cable
DSL Internet0%00 MbpsCarrs, KY DSL
Fixed Wireless Internet0%00 MbpsCarrs, KY Fixed Wireless
Satellite TV & Internet100%Many15 MbpsCarrs, KY Satellite

Satellite TV and Internet Providers

Because competition is stronger for satellite television, DISH and DIRECTV are generally considered superior to cable TV service. You can choose a separate form of internet, and the providers below will actually help you set up home internet service, sometimes even with bundled savings. Call for pricing and bundling options.

Satellite internet is not an ideal choice, but allows people in rural areas to stay connected. Note that most satellite services require either a deposit for equipment installation or a decent credit score.

ProviderAvailabilityServicesGet Service
DIRECTV100%Satellite TV serviceView plans

More about DIRECTV

DIRECTV provides satellite TV service that consistently beats cable TV service in terms of programming, price, and customer service. Their packages have long been the favorite among sports fans, but their low-priced packages are also worth checking out for casual watchers. DIRECTV premium packages include many of the most popular channels in the world.

DISH100%Satellite TV serviceView plans


More about DISH

DISH was formerly known as (and sometimes still called) the Dish Network. DISH provides affordable package prices and is known for lower up-front pricing. DISH competes aggressively with AT&T-owned DIRECTV. DISH has worked hard in the last several years to improve sports programming to compete with the traditional leader, and is now a solid choice for savers and sports fans who know what they're looking for.


Satellite internet service

Speeds up to 15 Mbps

View plans


More about HuhgesNet

Satellite internet should generally be your last option unless no other service is available in your area. The latency (lag) inherent to the technology makes it difficult to stream or browse, and online games that require a fast connection will not work. However, if you live in a rural area HughesNet is a good option. You'll just a need a little more patience while browsing or downloading movies to watch.

DSL Internet Speeds Close to Carrs

DSL speeds are obviously not relevant because there are no providers, but the map below can be used to find nearby areas with fast DSL service.

Carrs, KY Map of DSL Internet Speeds

DSL Speed Key

115 Mbps+
90 Mbps
20 Mbps
2 Mbps


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